VB6: Class modules (what are they???)

I know what modules are used 4, but I don't have a clue what class modules are. Can someone please explain them?


  • Alrighty, you can use Class Modules as like a library of Sub Functions. Inorder to use one, I'll give an example from this game I'm making:

    modDATA ([B]Module[/B])

    [blue]Global[/blue] [black]Run[/black] [blue]As New[/blue] clsRun

    clsRun ([B]Class Module[/B])

    [blue]Public Function[/blue] GenerateHostList()
    [blue]End Sub[/blue]

    And to access the sub function [b]GenerateHostList[/b], all you would need to do is type in [b]Run.GenerateHostList[/b] as a line of code.
    Hope that helps as an explanation.

    ..:: Zantos ::..

  • Class modules are classes implemented in VB. It's OOP(object-oriented programming). Read about OOP on the Web and then write such questions.
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