Memory addressing in DJGPP... ;-)

It's seams really hard to get the segment or offset of an variable in DJGPP (it's that beacause it's working in protected mode?!?). I need it beacause I'm trying to read the Hard Disk via Int13(Ext) and I need the seg:ofs addressing.
And, olso, I want to convert a seg:ofs address to a pointer in DJGPP
CAN YOU, HOW READ THIS POST, HELP ME? You will have my eternal gatitude.

Trully your's,


  • From the manual page

    unsigned _bios_disk(unsigned cmd, struct diskinfo_t *di)


    This function interfaces with the BIOS disk sevice (interrupt 0x13).
    The parameter CMD select the corresponding disk service and the
    structure DI holds the disk parameters.

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