Source Code Analysis on MSIL (.NET platform)


I want a tool, which does source code analysis of all the dot NET languages. As you all know, all the dot net languages are compiled into MSIL. So if I can do source code analysis of MSIL code, then automatically I will support all .NET languages.

The tool should parse all the MSIL code (probably offline like cFlow and CTrace good old tools) and then do the analysis and produce a report like allocation profiler is producing (call and caller graph).

E.g. For a particular function, say foo(), the output should be able to show all the functions that are calling foo() and all the functions that are called by function foo().

So if anybody knows availability of such tool, which does source code analysis on MSIL (that is, it generates call graph, callers graph, references and definitions information for functions, symbols etc) or can help me giving some sample code or ideas or references will be highly appreciated.

Thanks and regards,
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