Space in table(mysql) : echo value on screen

I have the following problem.
I Use tables in Mysql and i use the same tables with ODBC in MS ACCESS.
The Tables were first created in MS ACCESS by someone else.
He used " " in the table names.
How do I print the tables information with echo or something else.

example: echo $row->telefone 2;
this doesn't work.


  • Hehe, " " in Tablenames, very funny - however, microsoft users (access) do not know much about conventions.

    Do those tables work in MySQL? I don't think so... but if they do (never tested it) here a suggestion on a solution for your problem:

    As I see you do your value-select with some object-function php provides to you. Just try the function "mysql_fetch_row", with that function you generate some array (you know: ...[0], ...[1], ...[2]) and so you have to select the values you like to use.

    If you have for example the following table:

    Table: table_test
    Fields: id ( primary key, tinyint )
    name ( tinytext )

    Now you select id and name from this table and bind your result with mysql_fetch_row. After that you can resolve your table with some code like this (Name of variable the mysql_fetch_row information is stored in is $row) :

    echo "ID: $row[0]
    echo "NAME: $row[1]

    hope this helps!

    best regards,

    sebastian mohrenstecher
    executive secretary

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