?Creating NewTable AS OldTable

So i have this problem while trying to greate a temporary table which is alike to another. Just that i only need to get reguired fields to new table.
The sentence that i have tried and all its modifications was

Create Temporary Table NewTable(Field1, Field2, Field3)
AS (Select OldTable.Field1,OldTable.Field2,OldTable.Field3
FROM OldTable Where OldTable.Field1 like ....);

Access tells that the proplem is the syntax of using Create.

Thank you very much For advance
Toni Storhannus


  • I did find a solution to my problem...
    Thank you.

    The propriate code was generated by access it self. I just did not know.

    SELECT Lapsi_taulu.* INTO HaetutTietueet
    FROM Lapsi_taulu
    WHERE Lapsi_taulu.Sukunimi LIKE Aloituslomake.Haku;

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