function SetBkColor(DC: HDC;...HELP!

hello, i use turbo pascal for windows 1.5.
i am trying to colour in the text/background color in the dialog box, but i am unsure which command to use. i think it is the setbkcolor function...but what does 'DC: HDC' part mean?especially the DC part. it says in help that DC means the device context, even still im unsure what values to put it integers,strings,char...what!??!
has anybody got an answer?
thanks in advance.


  • I'm only beginner, but maybe I can help you. You can access almost each graphical device trough GDI. If you want to draw into graphical device, you must get its device context. I'm not sure, but I think that does the procedure GetDC. See Windows API Referece for more details. I hope these informations will be useful for you. Bye

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