I would like some help

Im looking for somebody that would be willing to make a couple of forms that will work in vb6 professional edition for me. I am willing to pay you.

I want the first form, to down load email from an email account and then automatically save the attachments to a directory on my hard drive. The email account will only have messages sent that are with attachments, and there will be no text in the messages themselves. I would like the form set up, so that the only thing I have to do is to change the email account that the form is downloading from, the directory that the program saves the attatchments to, and of course the login details. (Note: there is no need to make anything to view the message or the attatchment, I just need the attatchment saved to a directory).

The second form I would like to have a text box. The contents of this textbox is to be sent via email to other people. The only things I would want be able to change is the email account I use to send the mail (with the login details), and the address where this message is sent.

I would do this my self, but I have not got a clue on how to send or receive email. Ive had people help me with it , but I cannot get it to work properly. In trying the computer keeps freezing on me, and I don't want to pay a fortune in telephone bills to keep reconnecting. I would rather pay someone who knows how to do it.

If you are interested in helping, would you email me with the amount you want me to pay you (and the currency). I will then decide if I want to go ahead or not. My email address is kerwinm@mail.austasia.net

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