Java UML tools

I am interested in tools that let you drag in a .class file and show graphically what's going on inside.

This link has about 5 pretty good tools, BlueJ being my favourite.

If anyone knows of ny other tools, pllease let me know.

For example the following code...

// Nesting a class within a method.

public class Parcel4 {
public Destination dest(String s) {
class PDestination
implements Destination {
private String label;
private PDestination(String whereTo) {
label = whereTo;
public String readLabel() { return label; }
return new PDestination(s);
public static void main(String[] args) {
Parcel4 p = new Parcel4();
Destination d = p.dest("Tanzania");
} ///:~

...confuses the hell out of me. Tools such as these can be very helpful.

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