Using VB and COM2 to send faxes.

Hi everybody !

I'm programming a communication system and I have this

problem: Using the MSCOMM.OCX,I send some strings to

modem (Ex."AT","ATH0",...).

The COM2 will receive the "fax signal" after some codes.

Well, I want to use another

program at same time to send faxes, but it can't find

the line (of course, this line is being used with my


Well, the fax program will not dial anything, just

send the fax.

Does anybody can give some help or idea ?

My e-mail is



  • The other app probably isn't designed to use a line that is already open, and it's probably not written to share the modem. MSComm doesn't share with IE and most other apps won't share either.

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