system files out of date when running set up

Hi all,

I have a small problem that is not too serious, but I am very curious about it. When I create a set up using visual basic 6, and then run the set up on other computers, sometimes I get a message that tell me my system files are out of date and on other computers I don't.

Here's something else that seems strange. I reformatted a computer today, then I installed visual basic 6, then I ran one of my setups and I still got that message even though the set up had been created with the exact same visual basic version that I just installed.

Setup tells me that it will update the files which I'm sure is fine, but I'm afraid it will cause some people to cancel out and change their mind. I've only seeing this message occasionally and only on some computers and I would like to know what causes this and what files it could possibly be talking about, especially if the computer already has the same version of visual basic that the set up files created with.

I don't want to scare off any potential users of my programs, and I've already seen it happen because of this more than once.

I would really appreciated if someone could give me some insight so I can figure out where to go from there.

Thank you very much,




  • Executing a Setup.exe program created by the Visual Basic 5.0 Application

    Setup Wizard on a client machine may cause the following message:

    Setup cannot continue because some system files are out of date on your

    system. Click OK if you would like setup to update these files now. You

    will need to restart Windows before you can run setup again. Click

    Cancel to exit setup without updating system files.

    If you click OK, the application installs the correct file. If you select

    Cancel, the operation stops. The setup process will not complete

    successfully until the correct file has been installed on the system.

    The above message occurs when the version of Oleaut32.dll on the client

    machine is older than version 2.20.0000. Certain files critical to the

    installation process of Visual Basic 5.0 applications require Oleaut32.dll

    version 2.20.0000 or later.

    By selecting OK to the above message, Setup.exe will install a newer

    version of Oleaut32.dll that is compatible with the installation program.

    In order for this file to be updated to the correct version, the operating

    system must be restarted. Therefore, after the correct file is installed,

    the user will be prompted to restart the computer. The application setup

    process cannot continue until the machine is restarted. After the machine

    is rebooted, re-run the application Setup.exe program.

    If you choose Cancel, the Setup.exe program will terminate. The application

    setup will not complete until version 2.20.0000 or later of Oleaut32.dll is

    installed on the system.

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