Recommendation for Version Control tool


We currently use PVCS v6.5 as our team (8 members) version control tool and are looking to move to something which:

1. Is not extrememly RAM resource intensive and slow.
2. Is more intuitive & able to controls basic functions such as checking in/out more rigourously. We find that less experienced people tend to mess up fundamental tasks with the tool whereas if the tool controlled the check in/out (like having a wizard), it would reduce errors.
4. Is still able to trigger on certain events such as checking files out.
5. Integrates easily with CodeWright.
6. Has a command line interface for more experienced users (which probably falls in line with easy integration with IDEs, point 5).

Although I'm sure this falls into the "you use what you feel comfortable with", does anyone have any suggestions for a good-all rounder?

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