help with xp_sendmail

Hi everybody!

I hope somebody can help me...

I've been using xp_sendmail inside a stored procedure which runs every morning as a job when the sql server agent starts, everything's goin' fine except that the e-mail I send with xp_sendmail remains in the outgoing messages tray and it never moves to the sent messages tray, every morning I have to go to the server and explicitly move messages from the outgoing messages tray to the sent messages tray...

Does anyone know why is this happening??? Could be posible that this is because of the type of the message??? (I read that u can define IPM or IPC messages and u define what kind of message u r sending as a parameter of xp_sendmail) or perhaps this is just something I have to configure in Microsoft Mail or Microsoft Outlook???

Any thank will be thanked...

Good bye
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