mouse lag

Hi, i am new to Linux. Finally got it up and running on my laptop (dual boot with win XP, which i need for school etc). I want to start using linux primarilly, and win when needed for school. the thing that really bugs me though in linux is the way the mouse works. it is not as accurate as in windows. It seems to have a lag of something, which causes stress to the arm. It also does not work with the USB port, i need the ps/2 adapter and use the ps/2 port.
How can i use the mouse in the USB port, and how do i set the mouse to work as accurately and sensitive in linux as in windows? Might it be because i (might not) have the right driver installed?
Hope someone can help me so i can start using linux more intensively.
thanks in advance.
P.S. i have Suse 8 Prof installed
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