2d sprite animator needed (possible sound also)

Hey if anyone has enough kindness in their hearts to help a newbie at PC game programming get some sprites that would be great. I would like them to be as realistic as possible. Hey if you help me out, I'll include you in the credits :). If anyone is interested email me at


i'm desperate, and i am going no where in my game since i don't have an artisic bone in my body. Also someone who can do sound would be great. PLEASE HELP. thank you.


  • Hi,

    Dunno what exactly your looking for but have you considered downloading something like POVRAY or Rhino evaluation?

    If you use Rhino you won't be able to "sell" the game 'cos of the licensing restrictions on the trial version, but either of these will allow you to create 3d models which can be rendered into either DirectX objects or bitmaps (whichever suits your programming technique).

    Not sure if this will improve your artistic ability but it might be a start to incorporating graphics?

    Dan C

  • Thanks, I'll try one of those programs. I'm not gonna sell any of my games, this is just practice for when i make the next Doom 3 :)
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