Make 2 simple prog. & get $50

I am not in progamming so excuse me for this basic language

Basically the first program's role will be to check the size of a file( every minute) and when its size is equal or more than 300 kb, then it wil checked (every 15 seconds)whether the comp. is connected to the net. If those 2 conditios are satisfied
it will Winexec a prog and quit
The prog should also work on all windows platform
The prog would load at startup using registry run and should run in the background(no console or gui)

second program
It will be a simple prog still running in background & work on all win os . It will winexec 2 exe prog. after a timeout of 5 sceonds and quit.No startup
NOTE : Both programs should be small in size and that's where you'll decide what language to use
Of course i should get the source code & you'll compile it for me if i dont have the language compiler

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