Extracting filename

I want to extract the name of the file before the extension. That is


I want to extract only the name 'filename' and discard the extension '.java'.

How do I do that in Bash.



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    echo "filename.java" | sed -n 's/(.*).[^.]*$/1/p'

    the replace command cuts the last dot and all that comes after it

    [blue]correction[/blue] - the previous version does not display files that have no extension (like "filename"). To do that use:

    echo "filename.java" | sed -n 's/(.*).[^.]*$|$/1/p'

    translated, sed searches ('s/') for the pattern '(.*).[^.]*$|$' - meaning 'any letter' (.) 'zero or more times' (*) followed by either a dot ('.'), then any non-dot letter ('[^,]) zero or more times and end of line ('$') or directly the end of line; then replaces this pattern with 1, which is the text matching the pattern between the first ( and ) pair.
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