can i switch to linux from windows

hello everybody!!

i am working with windows for the past 5 years and now i want to switch to linux, can anybody suggest me abt the advantages of linux and some newsgroups related to it.

thanking u

T.R.Santhosh !!!


  • I'm a Linux newbie, too, but I am very convinced of it:

    The advantages I find important are:

    - The price (ok, who buys windows? :)
    For 50$ you get a complete package including 7 CDs and a DVD including all the programs you can imagine.
    - The environment is much more programmer-friendly
    - It is much more stable than windows (although the systems based on win nt are stable, too)
    - It is open source and not from microsoft :)

    Of course, the companies don't want Linux to become Nr.1 because they'd have to lower the prices for their products, so there may be hardware incompabilities (I can not print using Linux, e.g.), or if you have an NVIDIA-card, you have to download drivers from their homepage with a speed of 1 K/s and you get kicked every 2 minutes...

    Give it a try, it's so cheap.

  • I am alos a newbi But i new from the seccond i installed linux it was were i belonged!!!

    The up sides

    Its much faster than windows!
    It never crashes (when installed correctly)
    Now i even runs windows software when configured right
    Its much cheaper than windows
    it has new updates like every 3 days
    If u have a problem viewing a webpage it automaticaly (in most cases) gives u the patch right then and there!
    Linux Soft ware in many cases are free
    Some developers have free versions of there games for linux Or patches
    And most of all Linux is getting more and more user fendly and can now run most windows games and applications

    Down sides

    Doesn't allow all windows Apps Just yet (But will some time in the near future
    Still harder to use then windows!
    Defenently not for computer elliterit people

    Umm thats all i can think of for down sides but sitting here typing ive allready thought of more up sides But i have to go

    Hope this helps
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