where do CDialogs go to sleep????

hi guys,

i'd like a CDialog based class, that runs as a thread, to keep itself informed with data coming from the mainframe window.
two Qs:

1> what function is called when the dialog enters an idle state?
in this function i can implement a code that checks changes on the mainframe.

2> can i change the main application priority?

thanks, dana.


  • Dialogs don't "go to sleep". As soon as you display them, they are created. When the user dismisses the dialog (via enter or esc) the dialog is destroyed. Yes, you can change your main application priority.

    Unless it is critical that the user view constantly changing information on the dialog, I would reccomend adding parameters to your dialog constructor that are consistant with the data that needs to be transferred on your main application. Otherwise, consider creating a non-CDialog based class for your information viewer.

    If you absolutly must have a dialog box, consider using this->ShowWindow(SW_HIDE) to hide the dialog and myDialogDerived.DoModeless() to display a dialog that doesn't lock up the processes in the main window.
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