SetSystemCursor() ????????

I'm trying to use SetSystemCursor. I need to use a value of OCR_NORMAL in the second parameter to change the "Standard Arrow." This is also in the MSDN on-line documentation, but when I try to compile it I get

'OCR_NORMAL': undeclared identifier.

Has anyone had any luck with this function? My purpose is to grab the mouse and change the cursor whether the mouse is in my app or over the desktop. I am having a very hard time finding documentation on this.

(Pretty Please . . . )


  • Generally, that error is common when you are reading from a new version of MSDN and using and older version of VC++. I suggest trying to use data primitives. Try using integer values in conjuction with a loop and a debug, and see if you can get it that way.

    Just a suggestion, becuase I saw no one was replying.
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