Install Apache over IIS

There are 9 computers connected to 1 server
that in turn has an internet connection.
IIS and Sybase is installed in it and it is
used for local databasing only.

Now I want to install Apache, PHP and MySQL
for testing a website being created.

Is it possible for 2 servers to run on the same
computer. Of course, they should use different ports,
and probably Apache should take over the 80 port, right?

If so, what precautions should I take?
I'm no pro on this so please be as descriptive as you can.


  • Hi,

    This should work out pretty easy - I believe that the MySQL database server and the Sybase database server work on different ports (but check it as there may be a conflict there if they do - if they do you'll need to run one of them on another port). Therefore, you'll just need to set either IIS or Apache to listen on another port, for example 81. I doubt it'll matter which way round you do it, but the one you want people to have access to for the website on that server primarily should stay as port 80.

    I very much doubt any of this would affect your internet connection sharing, and the executables and modules for Apache, PHP and MySQL can exist along with IIS and Sybase due to the nature of them.

    Hope this helps!


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  • Thanks for the response.

    By now I've tried installing Apache on Win2K
    as a service. But the MSI installer did not leave me
    a choice. When I was installing it on Win98 it asked me
    if I want to install it as a service for all users
    or as a console app. Now this looked like a bug on Win2K,
    as the two choices were written but there were no
    radio boxes by them allowing to select one of them.
    That seems strange to me since I haven't seen this
    kind of behavior documented anywhere.

    The result seemed to be a console-like installation,
    as Apache wasn't in the Administrative tools/ Services list.

    If you have any ideas about it I'd appreciate your support.

  • Hi,

    I would doubt it's a bug in the Apache setup program, but you never know... Maybe obtain latest setup package and try that?

    I believe if you hunt around the Apache site a bit there is some docs on how to manually set Apache up as a service, if you wanted to try that.

    Any help?


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  • Hi, the installation was successful on Windows 2000 server -
    no bugs, no problems. Thanks anyway.

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