Help entering data into multiple tables!!!!!!!!!!!

Im trying to set up a database that would allow someone to enter in information based on, StudentID, gender, grade, what seat they sat-in and on what date. I have 26 tables. (1) Students table, (25) Seat Tables. I have created a form that consists of all the information from the students table and created a textbox for the seat number and the date.

Here is what I need help with......

Whenever I enter in information into the seat# and date textbox, I want the information to be transferred to whatever seat # that was given into that table. How would I set this up using only one seat# number and date textbox, that enters data into the appropriate tables???

E.g. Seat Ones Properties.

Seat # 1, John Doe, 02/12/02

Can anyone help me out with this.

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