moving inputted value to ax register (newbie gets lost)

ok, here's the deal. this program is to display an inputted decimal number to hex and octal and display. I've got two steps away from being done and I hit the wall.

in the sections called 'convert_hex' and 'convert_oct', there's a statement: mov ax, in_buff[2] -> I'm trying to move the inputted value (now converted to decimal from ASCII) to ax to do the conversion to the other number systems. however I know this isn't right (obviously), but I don't know what is! can somebody help with that??

also, if you see something else I don't know about that isn't going to work please tell me. much appreciated. thanks!!!!


.STACK 100h

REQUEST DB 'Please enter a number between 0 and 65535 to convert: $'
HEX DB 'Hex Representation: $'
OCT DB 'Oct Representation: $'
RFeed DB 13, 10, '$'
in_buff DB 04h, 06h dup(00h) ; to hold exactly 16-bits


mov ax, @data
mov ds, ax; move data to DS register

mov ah, 0ah
mov dx, offset in_buff
int 21h; call for string input

call crlf

mov bx, 0000h
mov cl, 12
mov si, offset in_buff + 2
cmp in_buff[1], 00h
jz string_input

mov al, [si]
cmp al, 0Dh
jz convert_hex
sub al, 30h
jb bad_input
cmp al, 09h
ja bad_input
mov ah, 00h
mov cx, ax
mov ax, 000ah
mul bx
jc bad_input
add ax, cx
jc bad_input
mov bx, ax
inc si
jmp do_char

mov ah, 02h
mov dl, 07h
int 21h
jmp string_input

mov ax, in_buff[2]
shr ax, cl
and al, 000Fh
cmp al, 10
jl under_ten
add al, 'A' - 10
jmp show_hex

add al, 30h

mov ah, 02h
mov dl, al
int 21h
sub cl, 4
inc bx
cmp bx, 4
je reset_for_oct
jmp convert_hex

call crlf
mov bx, 0000h
mov cl, 15

mov ax, in_buff[2]
shr ax, cl
and al, 07h
add al, 30h

mov ah, 02h
mov dl, al
int 21h
sub cl, 3
inc bx
cmp bx, 6
je done
jmp convert_oct

mov al, 0
mov ah, 4ch
int 21h

two ENDP

crlf PROC

mov dx, OFFSET RFeed
mov ah, 09h
int 21h;

crlf ENDP


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