Loading af DIB picture.

As a little spare time project, i am trying to make at DIB loader
for an OpenGL application of mine. But the problem is that the data being copied into my struct is totally correupted.
Is i just me doing something wrong ?? (properbly)

// partial code shown here.

struct DIBitmapHeader{
unsigned long biSize;
long biWidth;
long biHeight;
unsigned short biPlanes;
unsigned short biBitCount;
unsigned long biCompression;
unsigned long biSizeImage;
long biXPelsPerMeter;
long biYPelsPerMeter;
unsigned long biClrUsed;
unsigned long biClrImportant;

/* code */
fopen(path,"r" );
/* code */
fread(&DIB_HEADER, sizeof(DIB_HEADER),1,dib_file)

/* The output is NOT what i expected */

We all have to start some where.

Thanks in advance.

(Dont mind my poor english)

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