Unspecified Jet DB Engine Error

My website has been working for months. It has all of a sudden stopped and displayed this message:
Microsoft Jet Database Engine (0x80004005)
Unspecified Error
I have checked permissions and thats in order, i have re-installed the jet engine, i have re-installed the service pack onto the server and it is still not working?
Please help. I am using Windows 2000, access 2000 and sql server 7.


  • The infamous adovb.inc file.

    Try copying the file adovbs.inc which should be located in the directory C:Program FilesCommon FilesSystemado

    Then add this line of code to the file that is making the connection to the database...

    If you are using a global.asa file you can put the include directive in there. Adding this line is just a quick way to see if this is the problem.

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