How to support multiple languages in a MFC application

I am writing a MFC application which has to support English and Japanese.
Now I have created 2 DLL's(one for Japanese,other for English) using separate resource files for Japanese and English Langauges and using those DLL.
My query is I want to reuse a resource file created with Langaugae option as english to create DLL for Japanese langauge.
Can I edit the resource file to make the changes required for Japanese langauge.If this is possible how can I do it?
I tried editing the file in MS-Word with font MS.Mincho but not able save the changes.
How can reuse the resource file.I want to reuse it because the application (front end) is quite complicated.It is time consuming process if I will have to create whole Front end in Japanese also.
How can I support my application to support these 2 languages.

Thanks in advance



  • Hmmmm... when I want to support multiple languages I use the string table. You can define string constants under different Languages. At run time,the correct string table is loaded depending on whatever language the system is currently set to.

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