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I am wondering if anyone knows of any resources that could help me resolve an issue that I am having with PHP and Apache. I need to upload files to my webserver via the web using php. This is simple. Where I run into a problem is how Apache and PHP allocate memory. I am wondering while the posting is ocurring where this data is being stored. Does it store in the cache, physical memory, or swap. Or does it store in all of these or none of these. I need to know this so I can accurately estimate the limitations of the program. File upload sizes may be greater then 2GB.



  • Hi,

    I've read this a few times and not been able to think of much, but thought I'd reply with a few thoughts.

    Firstly, why do you want to upload 2GB+ files over the HTTP protocol? I'd suggest you think to do it by FTP or something else if possible - I don't know if Apache supports requests of that size. If it did, you'd have to write the PHP specially so it only read a bit of the data at a time and wrote it to the right place as there is a size limit on variables I'd imagine? Any PHP gurus around?

    As for where temporary data is stored - I'd expect that it'd be stored in /tmp somewhere on a Linux/UNIX system, wherever that'd happen to be mounted. So wherever it is mounted needs to be at least as big as the biggest file you're going to be uploading. That's provided nothing else limits it.

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