Calling all "Code Cowboys", "Web-mistresses" and unisex "iTnternet iTn

Culture City needs you all !!!

Hi, my name is Culture City. I am a not-for-profit organisation designed to develop, promote and maintain sustainable cultural programs, events and projects.

My major project is the culture city database, dedicated to the three "R's"; research, reference & remembrance.

By documenting harmless creative methods in a mainframe of globally accessible, socio-cultural and historical contributions; I aim to provide youths, educators, historians, students and global culturalists with opportunities to interact with monuments to human imagination.

The proposed global resource database will serve as a current repository for past present and future beneficial developments and the science of world service, for posterity.

It is intended to be 100% volunteer driven, self-sustaining cultural database and as such requires whatever active support that can be mustered.

So if you have the time, interest and know-how, visit me for more details.

I, Culture City cannot be, without the culture of technology at the helm of my outreach endeavors.

"Celebrating sameness.
Overcoming differences."

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