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hey i just got a domain a few days ago and i now have the domain fowarding to my ip address and masking my ip. Yet the masking masks all addresses of links.. even outside addresses. Also i cannot do something like for instance if my domain was www.mydomain.com i cannot do www.mydomain.com/myfolder/ now my question is there a way to configure apache so that instead of using my ip to contact my page i can just type in my domain. So i can stop using the company's crappy fowarding service. So what im saying is instead of having fowarding just have apache rename my ip or address to my site as my domain name. I found some stuff about changing the ServerName value and Virtual Host directives.. but im not sure what happens with these

here are some sites on what ive been thinking about




thanks so much :D


  • Hi,

    There's a little more to this than Apache. Sure, you'll need to set the server name to your domain name, but you also have to set it up so that that domain is associated with the IP of your server.

    To do this, you need to either run your own nameserver or make a zone for your domain on a DNS server stating that it is to resolve to your IP address. There are services out there that do this, or you may be able to set this up at your domain registrar or forwarding service.

    I hope this has made it clearer rather than making you more confused!


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