Oracle Forms says:"Invalid ID"instead of "OK"


I would like to know why this thing does not occurs! I explain:
I have created a Oracle Forms Application and when I click in print button, it must to show me a report.
But when I click in the button the following message appears:
"Cannot delete parameter list: Invalid ID".
I have defined the value for each radiobox in the Oracle Form Builder.
In my queries I compare the value write in the text box with the field in the query. Like this:
a.cod_cta_ger_rch = ':block3.grup', where block3 is my Datablock and grup is my textbox.
The code to pass the value of the text box is this:

if :tipo = 'IMP' and :BLOCK3.GRUPOS = 'GRUPO' then
pl_id2 := create_parameter_list('untitled');
IF :IMPRESSAO.IMP_ARQ <> 'Impressora padro' then
add_parameter(pl_id2,'GRUPOS',text_parameter, :block3.grupos);
add_parameter(pl_id2,'GRUP',text_parameter, :block3.grup);

and this is the code where I pass:

"and b.cod_cta_ger_rch = ':block3.grup';"
The name of my canvas is "Parametros". Duty I to pass the name of my canvas or the name of my Datablock.
If I have not been concise I'll explain again for anyone which help me.

Please, can anyone help me?


Alex Cutovoi
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