Use of Assembly

With the Current high level languages and technologies that takes one far far away from the low level implementation, how and why would one need to learn assembly?

I guess I am just trying to find enough motivation here, but if you look at any job postings or job requirements - assembly is not a required skills. Companies build their software on the business model, using high level languages. There is not a single company(I am not talking about people who write real time software - that too C is predominantly used) that uses any assembly level language.

Why would you use assembly? Its easier to implement a idea in high level language. Would you build your own browser(say HTML browser) using assembly Or would you build your own xml parse using assembly or write one in C.

Please note that this message is in no way to discourage anybody, you are doing whats best for you. I want to join your community, but I have run into a mental block...and sincerely hoping to get some encouragement and honest clear picture.



  • Generally, a mixture of HLL and assembly is best.

    That way you can make programs quickly and easily using the HLL and where it is importent for the program to execute efficiently or take advantage of assembly's power, an assembly block can be placed there.(Basic doesn't let you do this. That's the worst part about Basic.)

    Atleast understanding assembly and how the computer works from a low level, is really good for programmers to learn. It lets you know how compilers would translate your code. It teaches you what the operating system is doing(multitasking), how various hardware comunicates, how the drivers work...

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