Local SQL & Paradox

Helo everybody an thank you for viewing this message!

Here is my problem! I'm developing an application that originaly started with a Microsoft Access Database, for perfomance and many other reasons i switched it to Paradox!
When i try to execute a query that involves dates, the Local SQL, asummes tha i'm using the date format 'mm/dd/yyyy' when i've allready changed the settings in windows to the format of 'dd/mm/yyyy'.
Everthing else in the application is working fine with these setting
settings, except for the querys! I've have solved the problem for now, by decoding an then encoding the date in a string that then i add to the
SQL strings, but that is not the correct way to do it!
Here's some example code:

[code][b]SELECT[/b] Table.CustomerNr, Table.CustomerName, Table.Date [b]FROM[/b] Table
[b]WHERE[/b] (Date [b]BETWEEN[/b] '20/10/2002' [b]AND[/b] '20/12/2002')[/code]

If anyone had a similar problem, or knows the solution for this, please reply to this message!
Thank you all for reading this message, and goodbye!

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