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50 Random integers between the range of
-20 and +20


  • well,the first thing is to write a random-number generator.there are many possible ways to do this,but my prefered way is to read a value from the timer (port 40h) and to alter it with an other value from a variable.example in pseudocode (no,i wont do your homework :) ):

    a = port[40h]
    randnumber = ((randseed xor a) - a) rol 5

    now you could use a modulo-division to get a value between 0 and 20:

    randseed = randseed mod 21

    then you have to convert the binary number you should have in memory or a x86-register to a ASCII string.you could do this in a loop by divide your number by 0ah.the modulo of this is your digit,simply add 30h and you have the ascii-code.write this numbers to a string and output it.

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