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Microsoft and Gas Powered Games this year released their block buster hit "Dungeon Siege". With this game comes the possibility to create your own MOD. We at Prizm Entertainment are trying to create a MOD called "Adventures of Blackthorn". The game has its own scripting tool, very similar to C++. More information on its scripting possibilities can be found at
We are in need of coders and programmers who can utilize their coding skill to help shape our project. If you wish to help, you will be part of our team and share the glory as well as full credit for all the work and effort you put into the project. Our team is made up of dedicated gamers who are looking to prove themselves in the gaming community. If you share this idea, there is no better (and easier way) to do this than utilize an already successful engine. I invite you to check us out at
Our forums can be found at
If you are interested please send an email to

Thank you,
Wind Walker
Project Leader
Adventures of Blackthorn

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