I Need Help!!

I've recently started a new Webhosting company geared for web developers and programmers. I'm currently seeking content providers and Forum Admins for the site. We specialize in hosting for developers only! We currently are running with a DS3 line and dual P4 Linux and Windows 2k Servers.

If you're a programmer or a web developer and need a place to develop your work we offer discounted hosting for you! The profit you make off your customers is you own! We have no popups or Ad's like most cheesy discounted hosting providers. We also don't host newbies or Ecommerce sites which way heavily on the servers performance. We have a maximum of 80 Sites running on our Windows servers and 100 on our Linux servers.

This isn't an advertisement for webhosting! This is an request for help! If you have any free time and would like to contribute to the growth of the site, or would like a place to park your customers websites please lets us know!

If you're interested in becomming a forum admin or our hosting rates please feel free to email us at info@graphicalwebsolutions.com

Thank you! Jim
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