Time or Timezone problem with IIS 5 log and FTP

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Depending on which type of active log format I'm using on my IIS 5 server, the time written in my log files have 4 hours more than the actual time when the webpage was used.


at 07:54:00, with the IIS Log File Format


the time is correct.

at 07:54:46, with the WC3 Extended File Format

#Fields: date time ...
2002-09-16 11:54:46 ...

so there is 4 hours over.

Because all my log are using WC3 file format, I want to know if there is a way to fix that.

My TimeZone is GMT -5 for my server and my Browser. On my server, time is ok too. The checkbox "Use Local time for file naming an rollover" is checked.

I have the same problem with my FTP which is CesarFTP. The time of files on my server is Ok, but the time on files, seen from an FTP client is 4 hours over too... I tried with CuteFtp, WS_ftp and LeechFTP and the time was 4 hours over for all 3 ftp client.

Is someone know what to do with this time problem ?

Thanx a lot.

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