Help DElphi 6 icremental search with ADOQuery

-- This search work --

1 ADOQuery1.Close;
2 ADOQuery1.SQL.Clear;
3 ADOQuery1.SQL.ADD('Select * from jy_contact');
4 ADOQuery1.SQL.ADD('Where fname like :fname');
5 ADOQuery1.SQL.Add(' or lname like :lname');
6 ADOQuery1.Parameters.ParamByName('fname').Value:=edit1.Text;
7 ADOQuery1.Parameters.ParamByName('lname').Value:=edit1.Text;
8 ADOQuery1.Open;
9 ADOQuery1.Active:=true;

__ I want to be able to do incremental search using '%'
for instance
how to write:
ADOQuery1.SQL.ADD(''Where fname like :fname' +'%'');
so than I can retrieve all the data starting by 'edit1.text'
thank you very

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