Grand opening of The CodeMages Community...

Today The CodeMages Community web site makes its first public appearance on the world wide web, hoping to grow into a developers community where newbies and experts alike share ideas, answer each other's questions, contribute technical articles and generally create a friendly and professional place for every software developer and web designer out there.

Would you like to be involved in building a new community for software developers and web designers right from scratch?

Do you consider yourself to be an expert or guru in one or more programming languages or in one or more web design techniques?

Are you looking for an opportunity to share your knowledge and experience with other developers or to exchange ideas, tips and tricks with fellow designers?

In other words: do you think that you are a real CodeMage whose superior skill and knowledge other coders and designers might benefit from?

Then what are you waiting for? Join the brand new CodeMages Community and start building it with us right now! For more information please visit our web site at or write directly to

Remember, we have provided the space and the initial layout for this brand new community, but obviously it would be impossible to build such an ambitious web site without your help! We need your input and your contributions to not only shape the community further to everybody's liking but also to provide useful and interesting technical information to all the members and visitors of The CodeMages Community.

In other words, to make this the best developers community ever, we need all the developers out there to join in and help in building every aspect of this community!

We hope to welcome you as a new member soon!

Kind regards,


Web site:

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