i am relatively new to c++, and i am using version 5.02, with windows 95 as the OS. currently i am on strings and have encountered a few problems

the #include preprocessor does not work, and therefore the atoi, atol, and atof functions do not work.

also with c++ strings, some of the commands are not recognised by the compiler that i am using., string.erase and getline(cin,string1,'
') are all commands that are causing problems with my compiler.

any help would be greatly appreciated.




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    "version 5.02" of which compiler ?
    #include ? try #include


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    : "version 5.02" of which compiler ?
    that would probably be borland
    : #include ? try #include

    cstdlib should be available - the c++ header corresponding to stdlib.h ... if it's not, then fall back to the c version (often enough it's just an "#include <***.h>" for the c*** header).

    for the rest of it ... you should probably post the error messages (maybe some code, too?)
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