Staff Coder Wanted

We need another staff coder. We are a roller coaster and amusement park enthusiast site. All the staff are doing it for the love of the project. We have editors, writers and mods but only one coder for this huge site. We are finding we need one more that can work with our coder to correct bugs and ad in additions as needed. No or very little pay.

Reach me at:

Our site:



About us:

ThrillNetwork is the Internet's premier website for thrill seekers around the globe. Since its introduction to the World Wide Web in July of 1996, ThrillNetwork has become the place for thrill seekers to "Sit down, log in, and hang on!" as they exchange news, rumours, tips, and information about the amusement industry. Whether it be roller coasters, theme parks, water slides, or other extreme thrill attractions, ThrillNetwork is a community where the adrenaline-minded can connect and share the excitement of always being on the edge.
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