Software Dilema

Hello. I did a Google search and found this board after asking this question to tons of other boards. I neet to know if anyone out there can make a simple Copy|Paste program for Win XP? My idea is this. A 2 Button App:: 1 botton is Copy-Another is Paste. Super easy. It would sit above all the other programs and be very small. The icons could be selected so it is customizable. Like 32X32 icons. Example- Right clicking asks " Define Copy Icon" etc... My idea is to be able to take text from a web page|text file|etc ...and click the Copy button in the app. Then go into the next app and click the Paste button. I have problems with my wrists. Sometimes I can only use one hand. So I don't want to right click AT ALL. If someone could create this little app. I would be in awe. I know it can be done. Maybe someone is smart enough to tackle it. I can trade for it. Maybe there is already a program like that-Although I have yet to find one. I hope I was clear enough. Thanks all you programmers out there. I am amazed at what you do. Thanks in advance.
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