VB / M.S. Word Macros - Problems in Password Protected Templates

I have an M.S. Word Macro dilemma that I understand Visual Basic can remedy.

The problem is that a Password Protected Word Template will not run macros out of "Form Fields".

What we're trying to accomplish:

The basic concept is to Copy & Paste text that is entered into one "Form Field", to paste to a separate "Form Field" also within the same template.

Example: We manually type in Joe Blows name into the "Name:" "Form Field" area. Joe Blows name now needs to show up in 5 other places later on in the template.

This sounds easy as this macro function in Word shows that it is available in the "Form Fields" section of the program, but the feature will not work when the template is "Password Protected". This feature easily works when a template is simply protected / locked, but unfortunately, we need the password protection and the features of M.S. Word.

Please help.



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