Windows Messages

Is there a control to catch windwos messages in VB.

I dont want to have to use a loop to peek for messages

(for drag and drop) cause it doesnt work all the time.

Im sure there is a OCX or something. Please tell me!



  • Search on the Web for the MessageBlaster OCX. It's OLE-server for Vb4. If you work in VB5 you can write a procedure for hooking the message process in any window. Use AddressOf operator in Vb5 or Vb6. Also, there is an explanation of using AddressOf operator in Vb5 and Vb6 in Books Online.

  • You can download the OCX you need at the following address:

    I hope it'll help you, if you don't want to make your own OCX or a procedure for hooking messages in a window.

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