I need some help with psuedocode?

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[blue]I don't expect anyone to do this whole thing but I am looking for ways of how to put it all together and suggestions. Puesdcode is the easy part I know, but I am haveing trouble getting started. Don't worry I will be back for the code part when I get stuck cuz I know I will. Any help is very appreciated. The database of products, I don't know how to link it to search for the program given an item number, and have it search for that item and have it show up. Someone help me get started

My problem is I am looking for puesdcode for a program my C++ class.
MY assignment is to design write, run and test a C++ program to simulate the operation of a grocery store checkout system. Your program should first build a database containing information on all the products available in the store. Then, the program should print the cash register receipt for each customer. Each customers purchases will be simulated by reading a text file containing data about each purchase. Please include a Top-Down Design in pseudocode including function, input, preconditions, output and postconditions for modules. Turn in all design documents, hard copy of list and runs of program.

The input file will consist of commands followed by data as shown.

INVENTORY {Build the inventory with products listed below}
{one product per line}

etc. ............
0 {end of inventory}
{one item per line}

etc. ................
0 {signals end of customer}

etc. ................
EXIT {terminate the program}

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