how to identify columns no in ListView Ctrl when its header is clicked

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I wonder how i can identify the correct column number of a list view control when its header is clicked. I used OnColumnClick event(message) and I have ColumnHeader as LPDISPATCH in the message handling function, but I couldn't use this (ColumnHeader) to indentify what column number was clicked by user. Here is the listing of my message handling function: I couldn't do anything with ColumnHeader to get the column index number or name.

void CTailorListDlg::OnColumnClickListviewctrlTailor(LPDISPATCH ColumnHeader)
// TODO: Add your control notification handler code here

So anyone can help me solve this problem?

Thanks anyone who solve this problem.


  • See if you could get the columnheader text. If yes, then you could compare the header text and determine the corresponding column.

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