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hi everybody,
I am D.karunamurthy alias karu doing my B.Tech information Technolgy(Final year) intending to do a project in Telemedicine which in turn requires Win32 API for doing some functions like calling an e-mail client of the machine when a mail address is clicked and calling the default chat client in that system when chatting option is clicked and so on.Would you please tell me how it can be done using C++/VB. I have already done a project in VB in my third year.Si i have a reasonable knowledge in VB but I do know C++.Wolud you please tell me how it can be done in c++ or anyother way.

I hope that you will reply to my request.


  • [green]The easiest way to start-up the default mail client is to use ShellExecute() and use the mailto: protocol syntax.
    This is what the Run dialog box in Start menu...run also does.
    Try typing "mailto:abc@xyz.com?subject=This Subject&body=The Body" into the run box to see the effect


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