Variables from one script to another...

Hi! i'm finding it hard to pass variables from one script to another. In fact, what i want is this: i have a script which connects to a database and fecthes a blob. I want to pass that blob to another script. Problem is: ">Send isn't working, so can anyone help me out and tell me how to do it?
I've tried to figure out $_SERVER['query_string'], though couldn't quite catch it. Don't know if that's the way. Thks!



  • Hm...

    three suggestions

    1.) Try to pass the variable with the POST Method - build up a formular around this site - and the link you use to get to the other site you fill with something like "javascript:document.forms[0].submit();". It's an easy way becaus POST is not limited in any way.

    2.) Do the whole thing using sessions you save in database, there you can save the values each visitor has gathered - then do a cron-job to delete those sessions after a hour or so, when they are no longer needed.

    3.) Try to pass all the things you have to do with this blob in one script.

    best regards,

    sebastian mohrenstecher
    executive secretary

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