REPORTS : 'Distribute' DESNAME etc. as an action to a report button

QUERY: can a distribution command (DESNAME DESTYPE etc.) be attached to a button on a report. Enabling individual reports to be distributed to specific destinations? So basically a PL/SQL action, to specify desname, destype etc and the to distribute?

ENVIRONMENT: Industry, Packing line.

RUNNING: WIndowsNT, and sending to a com1 ZEBRA printer.

Is there anyone out there who knows how the subject line? The problem im facing is that I have a zebra printer installed on my factory floor, printing packing labels. I am currently redesigning this system in oracle. I want to be able to set a destination of the report (DESNAME DESTYPE) etc. However I found that the destination (runtime settings) is specific to the whole program, not individual reports. Maybe there is room to tailor a profile to that?
But anyway any help you can give me will be gratefully recieved.

Kind Regards
Richard Clayton
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