Problems with 2 processes and shared memory

Hi guys,

I've been helping a friend with a problem in his 'c' programming. Basically he wants to create a basic chat system using 2 processes and shared memory which he'll then expand to something bigger. Anyway, he's sent me his code:
(excuse the bad language, it is frustrating stuff)
and I haven't a clue what the problem is. If anyone can help him / give any hints on how to do it better, they'd be greatly appreciated. Cheers,


  • Sorry I have to bump this thread.
  • : Sorry I have to bump this thread.

    Jesus Christ! You are bumping this thread because no one replied between 6:30 AM and 1:30 AM (according to the timestamps) THE SAME DAY. People work, people go to classes, people have lives. In my opinion you should wait AT LEAST 24 hours before bumping a post, and even then it annoys me. IF someone will answer your post chances are it will be done in a day or two. People who don't check daily will be more than capable of checking the posts they've missed. In other words you are NOT gaining any exposure by "bumping" your post. If no one replies in a week then maybe you should repost and explain your question a different way.

    Here are some quotes from that seem relevant:

    1) "Also, keep your messages short, i.e. under 70 lines and avoid attachments except in binary-file newsgroups."

    2) "Finally, if people don't respond, it could be a) no one is around, b) nobody cares, c) your question is too easy, or d) your question is too hard. Either way, you can ask later, but you won't get much luck by asking your question over and over. All you'll do is alienate yourself from the channel members and reduce the probability of getting help in the future."

    When you need help with a SPECIFIC (emphasis on specific) PROBLEM (separate emphasis on problem), as opposed to using me as a human debugger while giving me less information than you would a debugger, I will gladly help you.

    "We can't do nothing and think someone else will make it right."
    -Kyoto Now, Bad Religion

  • Dreadfully sorry old fruit, I just suspected it was getting to the bottom of the page so needed a bump. didn't mean to hurt you in any particular way. Except with my evil horns.
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