SQL server table conversion to foxpro 2.x,

Hi pals,

We have developed a project using the Vis. foxpro. For reporting purpose we are using the

Crystal Report to generate the reports for the results stored in a foxpro 2.x type table.

Now we are migrating to VB / Sql server. Since the reporting part is complex one and the

existing Crystal reports with foxpro 2.x is working fine for us, we want to fetch the data

from SQL server and storing them in the same fox 2.x format. So that the existing reports need

not be modified. But we do not know any command is there in VB to fetch the data and store it

to the fox 2.x format. We have tried to achieve this by using the DSN to store the record in

fox table. But while calling the Crystal report it is giving the follwing error :

I believe that it is due to the fox table not created in fox 2.x format.

I need your suggestion, to use same Crystal reports which are developed to generate the

reports using foxpro 2.x type.

Siva / Ravi.

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