new to vb

I am very new to visual basic and was trying to transpose information. I have a list of companies on the share market with about 10 figures and ratios for each(over 2000 figures total). All names and figures are in column A in excel, but I need to transpose these figures to rows. There must be new column headings for each figure for example like this:
Raw data looks like this:
Company A
company B
Transposed data like this:
Company A 12 10 11
Company B 13 14 11 etc
There also need to be a macro to copy the raw data first to preseverve it and a button to make the program start.
I do not know how to separate each company and its data from the list and how to stop the program as i have tried to use the method of findong the empty cell to find the finish but there are many empty cells throughout the raw data, how do i make it ignore this?

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